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Break Good Study Habits for Effective GRE Score

Date Added: March 12, 2015 06:33:26 AM
Author: Manhattan Review
Category: Education: Academic Competitions
Studying Habit A student studying and obtaining training for GRE will have to traverse the right path for test preparation. However, it is a good habit to take a break even while going through a comprehensive study plan. The good rules of coaching state that distractions are bad. In college the learning process is divided into hard work and concentration. This is good. For students seeking top GRE scores, cramming subject information appears to be an effective method. Enjoy the Break A break in the study schedule of a student does more good than any harm to GRE Test Prep. Your memory can hold lot of course ware data in short bursts of studying and training. This way you spit out lot of answers when you are answering the questions in the real examination scenario. Studying for GRE examination is an altogether different experience. If you are like me, then you will enjoy the breaks and make a bigger contribution to your credit score in the GRE Test. The ability to understand words is more valuable than memorizing the definitions simply. In college your tutors and your parents always insist that you study in a quiet place. Spend a lot more time studying without a break. Never let any distraction creep in. Keep your study ritual for a longer period. Take several rehearsals before taking a break. How to Learn Benedict Carey, a science writer who has done plenty of research on the study habits does not support long hours of studying. Small changes in surroundings augur well for a good session of study and coaching for GRE examination. The subconscious mind registers more information in such acts of changing room environment. Changing the places, including, library, coffee shop, office room and more. This is called “the space effect” in scientific learning terminology. Study Less in Short Bursts You can also alternate between silent zones or in an environment humming with people. I like to learn under the influence of songs or play some light music while studying. Distribute your study space into short durations. Don't panic and continue studying a topic until it is over. Learning scientists recommend study less and more often. The best method in making studying for GRE more effective is to spend 30 minutes on Monday and 30 minutes on Tuesday. Or else, 40 minutes in the morning and another 40 minutes at noon or in the evening. Most students test what they studied at the end of completing the course ware. I would do the same periodically, in small intervals. This shows the weak areas that can be plugged and start preparing afresh on a given topic. Good Habits Overall break away from the good habits and try the short breaks: • Vary routine schedules: study in different places. • Don't put too much stress: spend small intervals. • Try mixing it up: include practicing problems, while studying a certain topic. • Quizzing helps a lot: test your own intelligence first. • Sleep a lot: builds up your memory levels. About Author, Manhattan Review, educational institute provides test prep and admission counseling for MS in US. Right guidance along with optimum support is given to make a choice of the best graduate colleges and schools.