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Comparing the Artworks of Vagarshak Torosjin with those of OninO's

Date Added: February 22, 2015 12:55:47 PM
Author: BenGray
Category: Arts & Humanities: Artists
Born in 1978, OninO has always been a good painter, but she was undecided about adopting art as a career preference. But after her time in a specialized art institution, OninO encountered the works of the Russian master artist, Torosijn Vagarshak. This triggered an enormous change in the student who was so influenced by the creative pattern of Toros (Torosyan Vagarshak) that she began taking up art genuinely. One cannot but disregard the substantial and great effect of Toros in determining the vocation of OninO as an independent painter who shows significant creative talent of her own. It shall be pretty unwarranted to designate the effects of Toros on her masterpieces as plain imitation it was meant more as an imbibing of parallel techniques, brush strokes and developing of one's thoughts that should be brought forefront. OninO, who was specifically intrigued by the remarkable and peculiar faces of Toros, spent two years learning art under him in the United States. At this time, on the other hand, the teacher was successful in making her understand her unique manner and expand her artistic abilities through the immense array of her oil. Any assessment made between a master and an apprentice can't be referred to as a replication of art on any party. It is in effect a recognition of the creative competence of each artist in attempting to highlight the artistic finesse of each while pointing out the external influences of the complete outcome. As is expected, Torosijn Vagarshak's influence is pretty apparent in some of the earlier art pieces of OninO. Though even in the later years she retains some of it, it is more during the latter half of her creative term when we can spot the individuality of OninO as a painter. During the early episodes, one spots likeness specifically in the interpretation of the characters, this includes the identical constricted faces, with curious expressions. A careful glance on the other hand, reveals that Torosijn Vagarshak's characters are either at times more realistic and at others, completely unusual, while those of OninO's are somewhere in between. Also interestingly one acquires the impression that her characters are bigger than in reality and more magnificent and bold in their mannerisms. One cannot help but discount in both the creations of Vagarshak Torosjin's and OninO, the emphasis on the different styles of hats that the characters wear. While the faces of Toros are lacking in hats (though the characters do don a hat in the other paintings), each creation of OninO has the characters donning some or the other style of lurid hat. In reality, all of OninO's hats are fascinating and they obtain as much interest as the characters themselves. Both the artists however, retain their influence of Cubism; OninO more frequently than her teacher. Her playfulness with shapes is very subtly revealed and so thin that one may miss it if not seen with a perfectionist eye. The mixture of natural elements and emotions into all of the paintings is one highlight of both Toros and OninO. But while Torosijn Vagarshak practically keeps scarcely any touch of feminist elements in his works, OninO's creations are replete with them. OninO's preference for romance, match making, festivities and display of wealthy living make her works have a distinctly unique impression from that of Toros, who can be more related with the two boundaries of make believe as well as realism. Similar to some other genres, both painters are somewhat uneven in their choice of subject matters. The brave brush strokes of Toros versus the more delicate ones of OniO's and alike color palette are however, particular choices that come forefront when observing both the painters. In the interpretation of emotions within the images of their canvas, whether funny or sad, love or zeal, anger or disappointment, the two artists expose ample proof of mastery. It is in this likeness and conversely individual exhibition of artistic ability and impressions that the two artists make their own niche and OninO makes her declaration as an artist of huge caliber rather intensely felt.