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Dissecting the Many Dimenstions of Toros

Date Added: February 16, 2015 01:04:43 PM
Author: Alex Brown
Category: Arts & Humanities: Artists
Toros, as he is better called, in his own words weaves the real and imaginary world into his masterpieces. Any person who has examined and observed many of Toros's art would confirm that these exposes intense inner thought and an expression that's inimitably his own. He confesses to being influenced by the Vanguard approach of painting and is probably also experimenting with abstract and expressionism. A peek at any of the highly stylish and gorgeous of Toros canvases, one finds almost no flavor of feminine or faintness in them, however there is no roughness or an expression of distress to his masterpieces too. Amusingly, he utilizes expressions of hilarity in his paintings to suggest feelings that are sometimes more unfathomable and profound than they seem on the work of art. Toros utilized colors to his gain in his canvases. In fact, sometimes they're representational of the notion or the feeling that he wants to convey. Solid affects are mostly depicted by stronger colors which actually also display the artist's mood swings. Mention should be given to some very unique masterpieces like-"Two Clowns" and "Masquerade" both of which indicate the tremendous creative potentials of the maestro. His fascination with the clowns leaves us with awe if the painter attempts to tell us more than what is apparent in our eyes through these subjects. Similar to all of his contemporaries, Vagarshak Torosijn is a little random in his selection of subjects; in fact his range is as diverse as his use of hues. Just as one feels delighted and excited at his diverse utilization of hues, so does his selection of subjects not only astonished but also startles us. He utilized a range of subjects that skirts on the current to those of the old, especially appealing is his choice of subjects that also include children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from a myriad sections. So whether it is a party or images of clowns that he is dealing with, the creator creates a solid statement everywhere. The fine art of Torosijn Vagarshak use brave and defined brush strokes; he wants to create order out of the mess. A quick glimpse at his oils provides us with the impression of a muddled piece, it's only when one attempts to make sense of the bigger picture within the inner framework that the seemingly complicated themes and the subtle picture presentation within is apparent. The creator also excels in his depiction of emotions, the characters in his masterpieces seem to convey the message of the whole artwork regardless if hilarious or sorrowful, angry or upset within their imagery. One perceives that Vagarshak Torosijn is a person of distinct thoughts and an imagination that runs riot like his selection of colors. His preference in diverse methods and contradictory subject matters break the uniformity often linked to series canvases; ultimately, each canvas stands out in a unique way. Yet another evident feature about Torosijn Vagarshak is the different shades he lends to his oils in terms of themes. While most of his paintings have the appearance of cheery revelry in them, a second look reveals a different side of the story, in a master crafting of multi dimensionality, he uses the base as a lighthearted theme while the expressions are used to communicate affect that are intense and that signify other tendencies. We may construe that Vagarshak Torosijn proves to be an artist of massive caliber with artworks that both charm and incite the audience to ponder.