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The Different Hues of Vagarshak Torosijn

Date Added: February 13, 2015 11:09:06 AM
Author: Alex Brown
Category: Arts & Humanities: Artists
Toros, as he's better known as, in his own words knits the real and imaginary world into his paintings. Any person who has examined and noted much of Toros's oils would say that these reflect intense inner thought and an expression that is exclusively his own. He declares to being influenced by the Vanguard method of painting and is probably also doing tests with abstract and expressionism. A peek at any of the highly classy and beautifu of Vagarshak artworks, one finds almost no touch of feminine or gentleness in them, but there's no insensitivity or manifestation of distress to his art as well. Amusingly, he uses expressions of humor in his fine art to convey thoughts that are often more unfathomable and profound than they appear to be on the work of art. Toros uses colors to his gain in his pictures. In fact, sometimes they are representative of the idea or the feeling that he intends to depict. Robust feelings are mostly shown by stronger colors which actually also suggest the creator's mood swings. Note should be made of a few very unique pictures such as-"Two Clowns" and "Masquerade" both of which indicate the enormous artistic potentials of the master. His profound absorption with the clowns leaves us with astonishment if the artist wants to tell us more than what lies obvious in our eyes through these characters. Similar to all of his contemporaries, Torosijn Vagarshak is somewhat random in his preference of subjects; in fact his range is as wide as his use of shades. Just as one feels glad and excited at his varied utilization of colors, so does his choice of characters not only amazes but also surprises us. He brings in a variety of subjects which edges on the modern to those of the traditional, especially intriguing is his choice of subjects that also include children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from different segments. So whether it is a party or images of clowns that he's dealing with, the artist creates a solid statement anywhere. The paintings of Vagarshak Torosijn show bold and definite brush strokes; he tries to establish order out of chaos. A first look at his pictures gives the notion of a messy piece, it is only when one attempts to look at the larger picture within the inner framework that the complex themes and the delicate picture illustration within is evident. The master also shines in his interpretation of emotions, the characters in his paintings seem to express the message of the entire canvas regardless if funny or sorrowful, angry or frustrated within their imagery. One perceives that Torosijn Vagarshak is a man of different ideas and a mind that runs riot as his use of colors. His preference in diverse mediums as well as divergent subjects break the uniformity often linked to series fine art; as a result, every canvas stands out in an in individual artistry. Yet another evident quality about Vagarshak is the various hues he includes in his pictures in terms of themes. While a number of his fine art have the appearance of cheery revelry in them, a second look depicts another light to the same celebration, in a master crafting of multi dimensionality, he uses the foundation as a lighthearted theme while the expressions are used to communicate feelings that are profound and that show other tendencies. We may conclude that Toros stands out as a painter of immense competence with art that both charm as well as urge the viewer to think.