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Current Art and the Complex Viewpoint of Cote Clementina

Date Added: January 15, 2015 11:03:27 AM
Author: Teresa Shantre
Category: Arts & Humanities: Artists
As with any other part of times past, the history of art is far more easily understood, analyzed, and reflected upon when broken up into eras. These time frames are often established on obvious crazes in myriad parts of the creative process, for example prevalent subjects, modes of expression, roles played by multiple types of representations, and exact functions of hue. Fashions in art past are often a sign of whatever was going on historically and societally at the period as well, often offering a testimony of what the public may have been thinking, feeling, or reflecting on, as well as how they were expressing those things at any period in the time of human existence. Where particular artists fix into the epoch depends on many aspects, including but not confined to when they lived, in what way they chose to express themselves, and what if any beliefs they bought in to. However, when it comes into the contemporary art and the method becomes a bitmore complex As a result of the gigantic diversity of inspirations available to today's artists, many contemporary artists produce masterpieces which hearkens back to several unique styles, whilst offering something unique in itself. This is no less so when referencing the body of paintings developed by Clementina Cote, better known by the name Clementina Cote (Cleo). paintings is a energizing amalgam of the effects of many well-known, classical art epochs and the spirit of original beliefs that was a hallmark of the period in which Clementina Cote (Cleo) lived and produced the majority of her body of artwork. In fact, Cote Clementina herself very much did not like the notion of categorizing something as amorphous art, since she believed art by its very base was meant to be about expressing a freedom from such things - a 100%, unfettered outburst of innovate power. Clementina Cote's artistic style is a interminglingof several others styles including impressionist, post impressionist and fauvist. She herself is content with this depiction. The impressionist style is identified by small, thick brushstrokes that are designed to give an "impression" of the subject as opposed to a representational view, an importance on light and its qualities, and its scarcity of blacks and whites in the common hue palettes of the day. All of you must do these elements necessary in the pieces of arts of Cleo, so that it can apply of curiously bright, unmixed hues, expressive line patterns,and which are characteristics of the following post-impressionist and favorites movements so that your patrons get your offering. Cote Clementina (Cleo)'s pieces of art also shows impressions from the surrealist style which was in style during her lifetime, though her artwork does not necessarily tend to exemplify the visual qualities of surrealism. Surrealism happened from the feeling that the horrorsof World War I were extremely secondary to an surplus of coherent thought, which is why surrealists were so often forward-thinking minded radicalputting forth new and dfferent ideas on the use of subject matter, organization, and blending of shapes in art. This way of thinking completely fit with the extremely autonomous and creative Cote Clementina and influenced highly to her strong thoughts that art should be chained by little dictums, as well as to the liberty with which she expressed herself through her paintings. Peek through many Cote Clementina Oils. You can also buy her pictures online from Gallery-2000, the special distributor of Cote Clementina's art.