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The Mesmerizing Canvases of Cleo and Her Spot in Art History

Date Added: January 13, 2015 03:02:30 PM
Author: Teresa Shantre
Category: Arts & Humanities: Artists
As with any other part of times gone by, the story of art is much more easily taken apart, analyzed, and reflected upon when sectioned into time frames. These periods are typically established on obvious trends in various parts of the artistic process, for example commonly occurring subjects, ways of expression, parts played by multiple different areas of emblems, and exact functions of color. Fashions in art times past are frequently a sign of whatever was going on in history and socially at the era as well, often giving a witness of what the public may have been thinking, feeling, or reflecting on, as well as how they were letting those things show at any given point in the era of human existence. Where particular artists fit into the time depends on many issues, including but not confined to when they lived, how they selected to express themselves, and what if any beliefs they subscribed to. However, when discussing contemporary art, the methodbecomes a bit more difficult. Cleo (Clementina Cote) disliked art being labeling as vague, feeling that art is meant to be an unharnessed, unlabeled expression of freedom- a pure, uninhibited explosion of creative force. (Cleo) Cote Clementina's artistic style is a melting potof many others styles including impressionist, post impressionist and fauvist. She herself is content with this depiction. The impressionist style intention on light and its charactersics with scarcity of black and white in the typical hue palettes of the period, rather than thick brush strokes to capture an impression of a literal image. All of these basics are important in the works of Cleo, as are the applications of curiously bright, pure hues and expressive line styles, which are characteristics of the following post-impressionist and fauvist times. Cote Clementina (Cleo)'s pieces of art also shows influences from the surrealist period which was in vogue during her lifetime, though her canvases does not necessarily tend to symbolize the visual qualities of surrealism. Surrealism came about as the result of the belief that an excess of coherent thought had contributed extremely to the atrocities seen with World War I, so many surrealists were radical free thinkers with progressive ideas on how subject matter, organization, and blending of shapes should be utilized in art. For highly autonomous individuals this ideologywas perfect. Cote Clementina - Cleo was a great proponent of the thought that art should be chained by little dictums. This she showed vividly through her works. Take a peek at many Cleo Canvases. You can also get her fine arts online from Gallery-2000, the exclusive merchant of Cote Clementina's art forms.