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What Android App Developers Must Know

Date Added: November 19, 2014 09:22:44 PM
Author: Aaron Pottinger
Category: Shopping: Education
Android smart phones are recognized worldwide as a leading mobile phone in the industry it belongs. This smartphone is renowned because of the fact that the choices of apps that may be downloaded from Google Play and App Store seems infinite that they count to millions. A daunting task app builders has to face today is the fact that there is the endless choice of applications users may pick from. It's important for an app developer to improve profit which is now a challenge due to the many competition in the market today. If you're an App developer and are conceptualizing an application, the following are tips about how to make a good app:
1. Choose the most suitable platform. The sales of the applications is affected largely by the decision on what platform will be used to launch the application.  You should make an app that runs well on IOS and Android since these are the leading mobile mobile phones.
2. User needs have to be considered;An essential component to consider on the success of the mobile application is being what the users need. If your target audience does not find the application beneficial to them, then they'll not pay for the app or even download it for free and your app will becomes a total failure. Therefore, application developers must know their target users’ needs that will guide then in designing a useful app for the consumers and encourage them to download the application.
3. Consider the technical skills of each possible user.Not all app users have the similar level of technical skills as yours. Remember that it's great that the app you develop could easily be used by everybody. First time users should find it simple to use the app you created. An application that can be easily handled is one of the determinants on how many users will be interested to use it.
4.  Consider the place and time the application will be used;The use of the mobile application may be dependent on the environment the user is. The Best way to make an Android application advice given to app developers by the leading companies who're experts in Android app development is to always remember the place as well as the time the app will be used. Taking this advice assures designer that their apps will keep up with the high standard of usability and also excellence in the future.
5. Pricing;The price of the app is one of the determinant on whether a user will buy the app. Think a lot about how much is the apps real worth in the market. Think what price would the users be willing to pay to have the application. It's essential to remember that even if an app is useful to the user, the person may not buy it due to the price. Only a few individuals are willing to pay for an expensive app. Analyze methods to make your app as well as its price competitive in the market. Research could be useful especially if you know the price of the apps your competitors have. The cost of the competitor’s application will give you an idea on what price to give your application.
6. Know your competition;App developers have to get a good idea about their competitors’ apps. Comparing the features and also the pricing of the competitors app as well as yours will give you knowledge about what edge does the other’s application has over yours. Having other users review the applications produced by some application development companies is another smart way to know more about the app. This may help the app developers what the users will be expecting.